Enuma Elish

Enuma Elish Updates 2010

Worshipful Facebookian, please visit the Enuma Elish page at Facebook and like it by the click of a button! :) http://goo.gl/I81G7 2010-12-01

Are you or do you know a talented rock singer? Wanna help out on my metal opera Enuma Elish? Drop a message: http://goo.gl/s23p 2010-06-20

For some odd reason I just heard today that Dio has passed away. That's sad. Bye! \m/ 2010-05-20

I sense humble progress in this musical deadlock. Again. (Yes, again!) Let's all cross fingers! 2010-03-02

Acquired new equipment and new effects: good sound is the best concrete to assemble a good song. Then the bricks are genuine and pure ideas. 2010-01-28

I'm still looking for talented rock or metal singers to glorify them by carving their voices into this opera! Know one? Are one? Notify me! 2010-01-09

Yes, we're back. RIP, Powerslave, hello again Anudu! That'll be some fun. :) #anudu 2010-01-01

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