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Enuma Elish Updates 2009

Things fade out and things fade in. 2009 is fading away and other things fade, too. But, to cite my friend Jon: KEEP THE FADE! ehr.. faith! 2009-12-28

Get the Enuma Elish songs at Amazon and gift them to a music lover! http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002H3W7QS/ 2009-12-15

Some re-orientation is going on with Powerslave. We're currently checking out if we change direction and assimilate new crew members. 2009-11-28

"Scavenging", chapter 9 of Enuma Elish, will feature one the finest piano tracks ever, by the best musician I know. A genius! I am so proud! 2009-11-04

Slave guys and me got a rehearsal in an hour. We'll try to practice chapter 7, but it's hard, fast and tricky - just the way we like it! 2009-10-31

Did I mention somewhere that I found Enlil? Not the evil badass himself, but a real talented metal singer from Germany! You'll love him! 2009-10-18

Calvin and I resumed the work on chapter 9. It's been a lazy year and I don't remember nothin'. But I like what I hear! :) 2009-10-16

Setting up this twitter stuff to twitter about everything enuma. I will regret this. 2009-10-15

I began to work on chapter 7: a hi-speed melodic neck breaker! :) 2009-01-10

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