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Marco publishes short status updates in this section. This will help keep you updated. You can see the last 20 below.

Enuma Elish went Google Play only! Bye bye Amazon and iTunes! :( published 8 years ago

Please read my status update: https://t.co/m5lV69iW published 8 years ago

Worshipful Facebookian, please visit the Enuma Elish page at Facebook and like it by the click of a button! :) http://goo.gl/I81G7 published 10 years ago

Are you or do you know a talented rock singer? Wanna help out on my metal opera Enuma Elish? Drop a message: http://goo.gl/s23p published 10 years ago

For some odd reason I just heard today that Dio has passed away. That's sad. Bye! \m/ published 10 years ago

I sense humble progress in this musical deadlock. Again. (Yes, again!) Let's all cross fingers! published 10 years ago

Acquired new equipment and new effects: good sound is the best concrete to assemble a good song. Then the bricks are genuine and pure ideas. published 10 years ago

I'm still looking for talented rock or metal singers to glorify them by carving their voices into this opera! Know one? Are one? Notify me! published 10 years ago

Yes, we're back. RIP, Powerslave, hello again Anudu! That'll be some fun. :) #anudu published 10 years ago

Things fade out and things fade in. 2009 is fading away and other things fade, too. But, to cite my friend Jon: KEEP THE FADE! ehr.. faith! published 11 years ago

Get the Enuma Elish songs at Amazon and gift them to a music lover! http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002H3W7QS/ published 11 years ago

Some re-orientation is going on with Powerslave. We're currently checking out if we change direction and assimilate new crew members. published 11 years ago

"Scavenging", chapter 9 of Enuma Elish, will feature one the finest piano tracks ever, by the best musician I know. A genius! I am so proud! published 11 years ago

Slave guys and me got a rehearsal in an hour. We'll try to practice chapter 7, but it's hard, fast and tricky - just the way we like it! published 11 years ago

Did I mention somewhere that I found Enlil? Not the evil badass himself, but a real talented metal singer from Germany! You'll love him! published 11 years ago

Calvin and I resumed the work on chapter 9. It's been a lazy year and I don't remember nothin'. But I like what I hear! :) published 11 years ago

Setting up this twitter stuff to twitter about everything enuma. I will regret this. published 11 years ago

I began to work on chapter 7: a hi-speed melodic neck breaker! :) published 11 years ago

Production of chapter 9 started today. A song worth an opera: bombastic, epic and with an awesome piano. published 12 years ago

Chapter 2 and Chapter 10 are available! No time for long discourses! Go and download!! published 12 years ago


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